Hi. I'm Jacques-Olivier Farcy.

I am a level designer. I create universes for WorkAdventure, a virtual office, the friendliest space for social interactions.
You want an original space, customizations to your image, original interactions?
Contact WorkAdventure and ask to work with @jako
Come and meet us in our Virtual office
Or contact me directly at jacques-olivier ARO BASE protonmail.com

Here's how i work for you.

Level Design

My care is to find the way to create a place that fits your needs, taking great care of details and make it friendly, fun and nice!

Deliver fast, deliver soon

As soon as the work begin, you are able to directly go and see the work in progress. Thus the improvements are built together with your feedback and impressions.


Each map and features incorporated are made for your project, the result is always a special place.

Map's creations i made recently.

Office 1

Office 2

Office 3

Office 4

Island 1

Island 2

Island 3

Island 4

Forest meeting area


Swimming pool area

Prototype for OMS Academya

Futuristic office 1

Futuristic office 2

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